A Real Moggy 1000


Replacing my first car in 1970, an Austin A40 Farina of which no known pictures remain, was this Peat Brown ex-Standard Life reps car - yes reps drove these. This was my first car to have H20 on it although it would be no means the last

I 'cut my teeth' on this little car which managed 86 mph coming back from the Forth Road Bridge on that slightly downhill stretch. This was with a 3 branch manifold, ram-stack air filter, rev counter and other guages and of course triple air horns.

My son Franklin, now 18, is going through a similar stage with an '89 escort XR3i so I don't suppose I should be surprised! I never had a Mini of my own - this was the nearest and it was great fun, especially in the wet with it's cross ply tyres and drum brakes.